Primera referencia del club: Young Scum

Empecemos por las habituales referencias biográficas y descripciones “oficiales”,  que las dejaremos en inglés, sorry:

Influenced as much by Teenage Fanclub’s heavy jangle as they are the noise-pop greatness of Slumberland Records’ bands; Richmond VA’s Young Scum have an obvious love of guitar pop of the past.

Young Scum

What originally started as lead singer Chris Smith’s bedroom pop project evolved as local musicians Taylor Haag, Ben Medcalf, and Brian Dove jumped onboard to fill out the sparse pop songs.

All previous and current members of other local bands they set to work to craft pop songs with the most jangle, hooks, and riffs possible.

Musically inspired by many different artists, the band blends their wide array of musical tastes under the banner of Smiths songwriting; which generally leans towards melancholy indie pop.

Songs about summer, regret, memories, love, and drinking too much soda and iced tea.

Zona (an abbrieviation for Arizona iced tea)’s five songs are full of 20-something angst. Hating your shitty boss, missing your old friends (at least who they used to be), and hoping that eating tacos will ease the pain.

The somewhat distraught lyrics are masked by the pure pop bliss that is created by shimmering guitars, bouncy basslines, and singer Smith and backing vocalist Ali Mislowsky’s honey-drenched vocals.

Guitar-heavy indie pop that gets loud, but not too loud, it will make you cry and dance at the same time.

Y ahora el porqué.

Porque Pretty Olivia siempre estará ahí donde unos chavales cojan unas guitarras y quieran hacer jangle pop.

Porque nos pareció escuchar a los Maths and Physics club detrás de estas canciones.

Porque aun creemos que una canción, ‘If You Say That’, puede cambiar vidas.

Porque después resultó que las 5 canciones de este mini-LP eran igual de buenas y mágicas.

Porque ‘Sun Drop’ es nuestra canción favorita del mundo ahora mismo, en esta noche calurosa y asfixiante.

Porque uno de los mejores blogs del mundo, Did Not Chart, dijo esto de ellos:

Biff Bang Pow! scratched the legend “Jim Beattie you’re my guitar hero” in the run-off groove to ‘The Girl Who Runs The Beat Hotel’. If ‘Zona’ was out on vinyl instead of tape, you expect Young Scum might repeat that trick.

‘If You Say That’ is a fusillade of guitars like Primal Scream’s ‘It Happens’, all Byrdsian melodic intent, the power of REM’s ‘Reckoning’ and instant gratification.

Younger minds will surely hear on this 5-song tape  Allo Darlin’s constant melody and mayhem or The Lucksmiths’ ‘Warmer Corners’ or Dream Boys’ sun-soaked psychedelia.

Older minds might recall The Rainyard or Another Sunny Day or Razorcuts. Whatever way you look at it, Young Scum combine pop perfection with serious volume. These songs are dynamic, noisy and irresistible. No doubt we’ll be hearing a lot more about them soon.

Y ahora, amigos, añadid vosotros vuestros propios motivos.